Day 27 - Rome

Today is Gabb's last day with us :( It came so fast. We did a big dent in major attractions but there is still more to see! So today, we decided to check out the Pantheon. We mapped out a route for us to get there and things to do around there afterwards.

We had a nice walk to the Pantheon and we had another big reveal. Rome holds first place for the dramatic reveals. A towering building with columns holding court to a large piazza and fountain. We got in line to check out the inside. One of the incredible features of this place is the dome which is a structural anomaly. This concrete structure meets at one point in the ceiling made of glass which allows sunlight to flood in.

Walking through there are burial sites for many respected people but the one that caught my eye and actually made me quite emotional was the burial of Rapheal, the famous Italian artist. The Pope at the time said "Here lies Raphael, by whom Nature feared to be outdone while he lived, and when he died, feared that she herself would die." It still gives me goosebumps.

After the Pantheon, we strolled on over to Piazza Navona. A beautiful piazza with three grand fountains, people playing music, tiny shops, and restaurants serving up good food. We walked around taking it all in listening to the water splash and the man playing clarinet and working up an appetite for gelato. Around the corner from this beautiful piazza lies the oldest Gelateria in Rome. They sell gorgeous Italian cookies and sandwiches but the gelato - my sweet Lord. It is divine. I got Bailey's flavored with Salted Caramel I will forever crave it.

After that delicious snack, we walked on over to Hadrian's Palace. This hidden gem was the perfect pit stop for us. There is a small theater inside with comfortable seating and headsets available with multiple languages to choose from. Did I mention is was free?! We sat down while the theater filled up and the movie started. It provided a small history of Rome and of the ruler Hardrian which was so informative and interesting. I truly loved it, and afterwards we filed out and got to see in person all the things that were mentioned in the film about the palace.

The film also mentioned a church nearby with frescoed ceilings, so we popped in and we were blown away. The ceiling in my opinion was as striking (or even more so) as The Sistine Chapel. Absolutely gorgeous.

We stopped to eat, and I had another delicious meal of pasta pomodoro and decided to check out the Colosseum all light up at night. We passed Trajan's market all lit up and magnificent and stopped to enjoy the scenery. More people playing music filled the night air. We came to the Colosseum and took it all in. Our last night with our dear friend and we had a perfect day. We did so much in the short amount of time we had with her and I am so grateful it.

We tucked in after a big day promising to say goodbye in the morning and we drifted off to sleep.

Happy traveling my friends :) Keely


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