Day 26 - Vatican City

While Gabb is here, we wanted to make sure we get a lot of the big sights down, so we decided to get on over to the Holiest place on Earth and visit the Vatican City.

It was too much of a distance to walk, so we hopped on the train and made our way there. We were first greeted by St. Peter's Basilica. This enormous church is perched slightly above a huge piazza with two fountains surrounded by columns. We made our way to the line to get in and it went by quick. We entered this famous building which is the burial site for the first Bishop of Rome and Saint Peter himself and immediately felt the grandeur of the building. The ceilings seemed miles away and around every corner, another corner hid with a place to pray or light a candle for a loved one. I wish my grandma could have been with me to see it.

Afterwards, we made our way to the Vatican Museums where the famous Sistine Chapel is. Once inside, we grabbed a map and immediately made our way there. We totally underestimated the size of the place and after about 15 minutes of navigating our way through, we made it. The walls and ceiling were covered in Michelangelo's paintings. I got chills being there. We spent a good long while looking up and around at everything and unfortunately, no pictures are allowed so I tried to burn what I was seeing into my memory.

Humbled by the history we were witnessing, we floated through the rest of the museum enjoying the art and artifacts. A grassy knoll called to us and we sat there to rest a while and figure out our next move. A small bite to eat sounded good, so we stopped at another small place and ate. The food was good, but there were no menus or prices on anything and the man working made us feel a bit put off and we were most certainly overcharged. I would recommend knowing where you want to eat after your visit to the Vatican to avoid circumstances such as these.

After our light lunch, we walked through the beautiful Borghese Gardens and on over to the Spanish Steps. We came at them from the top which was kind of a neat experience. It offered us another big reveal when we got to the bottom. I was determined to sat I climbed them, so once I made it to the bottom I turned around and went up. I'm so glad I did. I took some selfies and made my way back down again.

It was getting dark, so we decided to go back to the hotel and rest for a bit until we were ready for dinner. After a couple hours we walked over to a restaurant the receptionist recommended to us right around the corner. We were warmly greeted, poured a big helping of red wine and ordered 3 kinds of pasta. The waiter made us feel right at home and the food stuck to your ribs - but not so much we couldn't order dessert. Tiramisu and Panna Cotta please and thank you!

Luckily it was only around the corner because after that meal, we needed to sleep. So with bellies full of good thin

gs and tired legs and happy hearts we found ourselves fast asleep.

Happy traveling :) Keely


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