Day 14 - Paris/Versailles

Hi Versailles!

The train is starting to become our crutch here. We took the hour trip to Versailles Palace and see where Marie Antionette and basically all the King Louis's hung out.

We stepped off the train and at the top of the hill was the biggest palace I've ever seen. It's hard to imagine anyone lived there! We headed up and passed a tourist office and wondered if we should walk in and ask where to find the palace as a joke. We laughed to ourselves imagining the look on their faces and them saying to each other "stupid Americans".

As we approached the palace, we were introduced to large golden gates and I wondered maybe this is what heaven looks like? But that thought was quickly dismissed as a group of 100 screaming children ran in front of me.

All jokes aside, the palace is a wonder. We grabbed free audio tours and made our way through marble halls and golden statues through grand rooms that hold so much history. It's really fascinating to me to be walking through the halls people we learn about in our history books lived. It's a surreal experience.

The gardens outside are expansive and I was a little bummed that we couldn't have seen it all in full bloom. It is still impressive in the winter with marble statues and grand fountains, but I can only imagine its beauty in the height of spring.

After our visit, we grabbed French Tacos, which were surprisingly delicious and macaroon ice cream sandwiches and decided to head back to the hotel. The day flew by, we spent a lot of time traveling and wandering around the palace but it was a full day and we are both ready to call it a day.

Tomorrow, we pack up and leave for Beaune - wine country! Away from the city and into the countryside. We are both very excited to be away from the hustle and bustle for a while and enjoy the quiet.

Good night my dears, until tomorrow!



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