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Day 1 - London

We made it! We checked in around 5:30PM or 17:30 to our hotel. It luckily is right off the tube so we didn't have to walk far. Once in our tiny hotel room (everything is tiny here!) we showered, got dressed and went for a walk to get a feel for our surroundings.

We are right next to the infamous Notting Hill and steps away from a lively strip with convivence stores and places to grab a bite. We decided to check out this little Italian joint that had bottomless pizza options and a prix fix menu. We grabbed pizzas and beer then went back to the room to finally crash.

This morning after a not so restful night of sleep (London is noisy!) we got ready and took the tube to Bloomsbury and sat down for a spot of tea. We spent a low key afternoon drinking teas, eating scones cakes and sandwiches.

Afterwards we took a short walk to The British Museum. We totally underestimated the size of the place. It is HUGE! There is so much to see, Sam and I spent a little over 3 hours here. It's Friday so the museum stays open a little later and the place was EMPTY! We had full exhibits to ourselves. We saw amazing artifacts such as The Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, Greek gods made of marble and Aztec gold. It's a can't miss thing to do while in London and did I mention that it's free?!

Afterwards we took another short walk to The London Cocktail Club where we were transported to a 'speakeasy vibes' bar with two for one Happy Hour. Funky names for cocktails such as "Reggae Rum Punch" and "Porn Star. Martini" neon signs, murals and old school hip-hop set us into a party mood instantly. With a good buzz we grabbed a burger around the corner at Byron's and set off for the hotel to relax and rest our feet. We did 7 miles and our feet are feeling it!

We are looking forward to more adventure tomorrow. Today seemed low key to what the rest of the week has in store, but London has been amazing so far.

Cheers my dears! Happy Travels!



Hi! I'm Keely!

Hailing from a small town in the smallest state, my husband Sam and I quit our 9-5 jobs and decided to follow our dream to see the world! We love to find hidden gems, eat delicious food and stretch our dollar (euro/yen/whatever!) so we can indulge on unforgettable experiences. Come down the rabbit hole with us!

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